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Whipped Body Scrub | Matcha

Thirsty Donkey Skin Co.

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This Matcha body sugar scrub is a great way to add luxury to your bath time experience.

After cleansing with one of our Bar Soaps, gently massage the skin with a small amount at a time. This will sweep those dingy dead skin cells away, leaving your skin feeling like new!

This Matcha Sugar Scrub contains olive oil and shea butter which helps the sugar glide over your skin while keeping the skin from drying out. After rinsing the scrub off, immediately follow up with our Whipped Body Butter for maximum hydration and extra soft, smooth skin.

Why Matcha?
Matcha green tea is full of antioxidants that help fight free radicals which cause premature aging, prevent and repair UV sun damage, and reduce scaring, acne and redness.

Ingredients: *cane sugar, *raw shea butter, *olive oil, *matcha green tea powder, Himalayan salt, tea tree & eucalyptus essential oil. *organic