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Our Story

Thirsty Donkey Skin Co was born after a long, hard struggle, with just the right combination of ingredients, to create the best skincare possible. Like many, I tried multiple different brands of skincare items with frequent disappointment and hundreds of dollars wasted away. Nothing seemed to work. Not to mention, a quick glance at the ingredients list will require a google search for ingredients you can't pronounce and a very scary and infuriating realization that something you wouldn't believe could be sold to anyone in the first place, due to a long warning list, would be in something you put on your skin every single day.

I knew I could do better... So I did.

Thirsty Donkey Skin Co is everything your skin has ever wanted. Food for your skin. No toxic chemicals, preservatives, colorants, fragrance oils, etc. We only use skin loving, organic and vegan ingredients. Try it, and you'll instantly feel the difference.