Our Story

Thirsty Donkey Skin Co was created after years of research and disappointment over what was available in the skincare market.

As a kid, health became of the utmost importance to me. I became very strict about what foods I was putting in my body. I started to feel great on the inside, but my skin was still suffering on the outside. I didn’t understand why; I was drinking lots of water, eating organic fruits and veggies, what was I doing wrong? I took a look at my skincare products and a quick glance at the ingredients list was enough to make me sick. I had been neglecting the largest part of my body... my skin. I quickly realized that what I put on my body was just as important as what I put in my body.  I went to the same health food stores where I purchased my organic, non-gmo foods and was unpleasantly surprised when I saw some of those same ingredients, most I couldn’t even pronounce, were in those “healthy” skincare products.

I felt helpless, I knew I needed better. So I did better.

I suffer from extremely dry, sensitive skin. I’m a mother of two, and a frequent hand washer so my hands suffer the most. I get embarrassing dry patches on my face, right around my nose and mouth. I know I’m not alone.

At Thirsty Donkey Skin Co, we formulate all our products to be nourishing and moisturizing for all skin types. Our products are handcrafted, sustainable skincare products made using food-grade, organic and toxin-free ingredients, making them especially beneficial for those with dry, sensitive and problematic skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and rosacea.

You’ll never find any artificial preservatives, colorants, or fragrances in our products. We are the truly natural alternative to your skincare needs. So try us today, you’ll instantly feel the difference.