Our Promise

💙Every ingredient has a purpose

    Our products are formulated to aid in your skins health. With that in mind, we make sure we carefully select the safest ingredients Mother Nature has to offer for our products. Each ingredient offers its own skin loving benefits, and together, the symphony of ingredients work tirelessly to give your skin the moisture and nutrients it needs to keep it healthy.


💙No artificial preservatives

    We don’t water down our products, water requires the use of preservatives to keep the product shelf stable and prevent mold from growing. Keeping our ingredients high quality and our products water free helps eliminate the use of artificial preservatives that can cause skin irritation and other toxicity to our bodies.


💙No artificial fragrances

    We only use essential oils to scent our products. Essential oils not only offer an aromatherapy experience that smells divine, but they also offer great skin and health benefits that range from being naturally antibacterial, antiseptic, aiding the relief of migraines, helping to sooth and heal burns and bug bites, to helping nausea and improving your mood!


💙No artificial colors

    Our products are naturally colored by our truly natural ingredients. Every wholesome ingredient offers its own beautiful color, so we like to enjoy it that way!


♻️Please recycle! Our jars are BPA free, reusable, and recyclable. Most of our shipping materials are made using post consumer recycled materials and are 100% recyclable!


🤲All of our products are handmade in small batches using truly natural ingredients, therefore, please allow for variations in color, texture and scent.



For anyone with allergies or skin conditions, please review the ingredients list and consult your physician before use. These products are not meant to be used to treat or diagnose any medical conditions.


Thank you so much for visiting our shop!